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Letter to the Confederates on Earth: Approaching of Support Starships and Important Information - 7.11.2016

Gabriel: Please, dear one, listen to the tune of the song below. I particularly recommend especially that you put the music with a pleasant volume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Family greetings.

We have another opportunity to bring about some situations. We are addressing directly the family of Shan (Earth), in love and deep appreciation for the great purpose. 

The Acceleration of Time on Earth and New Developments "In the air".

You are feeling the acceleration of time on Earth and witnessing the amount of things that have occurred in short periods of time. As time passes, this increases the opportunities we have to act more directly upon the surface. Thanks to your efforts and acceptance of the new energies, we are contacting you in several ways, instigating a greater understanding of what has been happening behind the racks. Since you are not seeing the picture as we see it, we have gone ahead and intuited to bring forth "in the air" what has been taking place. You can not see what is happening, but feel it, you can not know the right time for some events but you are sensing strongly. You can see your media trying to instil fear, but most of you do not fall more for this game. You already know! You know that something great is coming and this energy is in the air that we are breathing, and this breath brings peace and balance. You are feeling the despair of "those" who have being controlling the entire system for millennia. You are feeling their fear, and what we ask of you is that you embrace them in the energy of Love. Their time has came to an end and you are also feeling it. Not only because they are reading our messages in which we say this, but because they are perceiving all this "in the air". We are here also to ensure that "they" assume the consequences, and reflect upon what they have done. 

The Expansion of Consciousness and the Power of "Family" Groups in the Anchoring of Energies. 

The forces that are arriving to Earth have allowed for the expansion of consciousness so that an increasing number of of Light Groups have been gathering at specific locations in order to anchor the energies of their respective Mother-ships and Support-ships - those which give support to their missions on Earth. It is not the case that previously these meetings and anchorages did not take place, but we are saying that now we have managed to achieve more intensity in the manner by which we are contacting you. As you go forward on your levels of consciousness you will notice every day more easily our presence by your side, and you will witness more often that our star ships will be flying lower and lower. There are however certain risks in low-altitude flights, since the control by the dark ones have some "tricks up it sleeve." 

We are having to mislead them constantly not for our advantage, given that we have a very advanced technology, but for your own one since you suffer reprisals. We continue to move forward; they know this and every day they have fewer means to try to prevent our actions. The Group Energy of Light workers provide us with the sustenance and the ability to move forward. Whenever you gather together, (such as today within your own personal spaces), you decree that you are free and manifest the desire for contact with your space families. Then the draconian and all the groups that support them lose their power over you. They know that they have no access to your sacred inner sanctuary, and anything you do within this inner energy is untouchable by them. 

Physical Contact with the Space Family. Tuning in to their Support Ships.

In these increasingly frequent meetings in which we have been summoning you, you can experiment beautiful experiences through which we want to help you expand your minds and prepare you for physical contact with your space family. Those amongst your groups who are more opened to it may in fact be the transmitting anchors of the frequencies of the Mother-ships of Light that assist in their missions as Bearers of Light, Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Warriors of Light. (See each feature HERE *to be translated). The intention is that you may be fully prepared so that when we have been granted permission for landing you can come aboard our ships. We hope that not just one or two Workers from your groups have this capability, but the entire group as a whole. The greater the tune with your support Mother-ship, the stronger the energy that she will be able to anchor in such manner that it will completely disintegrate the negative chains nearby. 

The Draconians can not prevent you from attracting our starships in order to bring them closer whenever these inner forces move from within you. The greater the power that comes out from within yourselves, the fewer or null will be the power they have over you. 

Get Ready... and may you be Welcome Aboard

A previous preparation is taking place in your physical bodies and energy fields so that you can be well ready. We insistently invite the Lightworkers Groups so that when they are in their meditations they remember being in tune with their support ships, in order for these to initiate immediately the transmission of Light towards a particular group. Of course, whenever you gather together in Love you have the assistance; but we are inviting here to something that goes beyond that.

We are inviting you to come up aboard our ships in consciousness as soon as your bodies are resting in meditation. 

Communication and Acces to Starship. Communication objectives.

When meeting up specifically in order to anchor the Light, a particular Lightworker who at the time may be more in tune, could receive a higher energy impact and a specific channelling could originate (or not) from the commander of that specific mother ship. Channeling or (*) indirect communication is also a way to help anchor the energy of his/her support mother ship. Do not get involved in these tasks of anchoring the energy of your support starship just out of sheer curiosity or desire to channel because the mission has to be much greater than that. 

There needs to be an open heart and completely free from external influences for the anchorage to happen, in order to achieve the objectives which are the following ones: 

a) Disintegration of negative drafts, acceleration of your energy fields. In many cases you will feel your physical bodies hot as if they were in intense heat, but you will not feel discomfort. 

b) Permission given to our fleets through your sacred internal free will in order to move towards the land surface, dis-empowering the draconians and their control groups. 

c) Ensuring that you are ready to receive us at the time of landing, with you being perfectly balanced to help some people who may be confused and frightened. 

Need for Meditation and Union. Requirements for Establishing Contact.

You see beloved, more and more Lightworkers are gathering and strengthening the energies of Light which have been sustaining our work in the astral areas of the Earth. You ought to know that when you are committed to your tasks on the surface you are consequently helping out your inner Earth family, and us in space, moving forward in the understanding that culminates in the manifestation of everything that has been hidden from you for millennia. 

The more you join together in meditation and positive mentalizations, the more easily you allow for our approach. We receive daily in our registers your intentions to maintain contact with our fleets. In many cases we do not present ourselves before you for a couple of reasons: we do not intend to show ourselves to you just to satisfy some curiosity. We do not want you to suffer any retaliation from those who still control certain areas of the Earth, and we do not want to destabilize your bodies, both physical and spiritual. 

There is a need for balance and harmony in your parts in this contact. That is why we are constantly inviting you to meditate deep inside of you and strengthen your intentions from there leaving behind all selfish demeanour. 

Contacts will Intensify from now on.

We are gradually initiating the contact process firstly in the astral realms, and then physically. And now - it is for this reason that we are calling you to participate - we are moving star ships in order to be closer to you. They are gathering wherever there is a high concentration of positive energy. 

Some of you may feel at that very instant a particular anchorage, tremors in your bodies or some other physical sensation, or it may be a noticeable symptom due to the acceleration of energy and to the rapid change from carbon based to crystalline. Ideally, when you are with a group of people you should be able to feel the proximity of your support mother-ship, and join hands to achieve a better balance in order sustain the flow connection that will be flowing from your support ship to the group. 

The process starts in those who are more in tune, followed by the second ones and so on until where the vortex has been activated. 

Wherever there is discord there will be no contact. 

The Starships have being Authorized to Approach. Earth Groups are being Monitored.

All fleets of the Ashtar Command, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Sirians, Arcturians, and all the Confederates groups attending the ascension of consciousness of Shan (Earth), are allowed to get the groups on the surface closer to their star-ships. These will be those that are in Christ-accordance without personal selfish intentions, and who start to dispense an increased amount of energy. 

We need to remain committed to the truth and to the light. We will not allow for approach where there is discord or any feeling that brings imbalance in the process. We are monitoring many groups upon Earth who are aware of their potential regarding a great number of responsibilities that they can deliver, as well as monitoring some individuals who come to Earth on a mission of grouping and anchoring the energies that will transform Shan forever. 

The alignment with the Love and the Light is Compulsory. 

Groups and Subgroups. Those with the Support. A Warning from the Master.

In the same way as we are getting closer and offering increasing support to your work on Earth, we will go away in our star ships in order to stop giving support to those who do not want our approach, whether conscious or not of the way in which they bring disagreements and discomfort amongst other groups. 

You are a great group of souls who descended to Earth in a great rescue mission. Not only for the beloved Earth but for the entire galaxy which depends on the balance of your planet so that they can move on to also make the process of ascension into the higher dimensions. You make up a large group which is divided into subgroups in order for you to perform your duties in all this work. Your responsibility does not stay only on Earth but throughout all the universe known to you. Over there we sometimes see groups accusing groups and people judging and trying to dis-empower people within those groups. 

A warning on behalf of the Master of Masters (Jesus) states that they will NOT have the support of their support space ships if this continues like that. Consequently, any Light-worker who is already consciously aware, or that simply reads or listens to this message will lose his/her support if found out of alignment. We do not intend to support anything that is not Love and Commitment to the Light.

Beware of Traps. No more Gossip and Intrigue among Lightworkers. Tasks and Individual and Group Responsibilities. 

Every light worker must be very aware of his/her responsibility in the midst of the great task which is to raise the sacred Earth, the galaxy, and the whole system of the higher vibrations. To fall into the traps of those who want an end to all of it, is full responsibility of yours dear Confederates from Earth !. You have our support as long as you remain in the line of Christ and in tune with the entrusted work. 

We are ready to ensure that everything that is accomplished in the Earth's mission is a success. Each of you received special permission to be on Earth and to do what you are doing, anchoring and going places to activate portals, restoring areas of energy potential (in this case this means that many locations are a great potential for the formation of a vortex of Light. The presence of a Light-worker in line with the Christ forces immediately reactivates these vortices, or it simply starts attracting more people to that place thus forming another energy of Light upon the planet). Preventing and alleviating natural disasters with their presence and mentalizations are also part of it. 

All of you are all this potential on Earth. I am stating that any authorized person on Earth who comes to deviate from the true purpose will not have the backup of the support mother-ships. 

Dear group leaders, remain well aware of your responsibility for what you say and do because you are mirrors for all those who come to your areas. 

Dear brothers and sisters that make up the positive energies around Earth, do not in any way allow any dis-empowering information to insert itself into you. Do not allow gossip and intrigue. In a loving manner refuse to listen to anything like that. Any Lightworker whose energy enters into that game will be the target of hostile forces and we cannot intervene regarding your free will. This information is not to scare you but to make you become more aware of the power and the responsibility that you have upon Earth. 

Hold fast to the Pillars of Ethics, your Morality and your Spirituality in order to Attract your Support Ships.

What we are seeing in some groups are the so called gossip and conversations that do not lead to the high vibrations and that only reduce your capabilities as confederates; this is how you make it difficult for the support ships to approach, as well as making possible to lose that connection. It is you within the groups who are responsible for the arrival or not of the support ships as well as with the heavenly powers that will be in charge of each one of you. 

Each one of you receives according to your stance towards the situations that arise before you, as an opportunity to show your potentials or on the contrary to succumb to vanity, with the pride or desire to demean and demoralize others through vain talks that ultimately result in an imbalance in some energies, or even in their complete dismantling; thus losing an additional potential upon Earth. WE DO NOT WISH THAT! Hence we so insistently repeat that you should be attentive to your behaviour towards life, observe how you are treating your brothers and sisters. Our proximity on familiar terms depends on it. 

We can not place the power in the hands of someone who is no commitment or that could easily be the target of non Confederated forces. However if we have come here to talk to you about certain things through this letter which is to be delivered to the people of Earth, is because you want you to be in complete harmony with our fleets, simply because you are part of it. 

We wish to remind you of this and to warn you so that you do not to fall into the traps; and we also wish for you to assert yourselves on the pillars of ethics, morality, and spirituality in order to be able to attract your support ships. 

The Answer is in around the corner. 

My dear ones, as your brother and again here placing my full admiration for all of you who make up the vast energy of Light anchored upon Earth, I am telling you that we need you to be truly unified. 

I have immense consideration and love for all those who read or listen to my words and I have every confidence in their abilities. We speak directly with you because we know that we are not dealing with incomprehensible beings, but with very responsible and conscious beings for whom what we say must be considered at all times. You have the physical proof that whenever you enter into any disharmony you quickly feel the reflection of it on yourselves, and around you. 

When Lightworkers waste their time in criticizing, judging, disempowering, belittling, or on anything else other than Love - The TRUE PURPOSE- they quickly become the target of forces that they will not know how to deal with, since once out of alignment there is a completely lost of control upon what comes next. And we really want you to be in control: LOVING AND SERVING THE TRUE PURPOSE. 

How to Behave Against Aggression and Disrepute. Ashtar's Love.

With that I am leaving you asking you to distribute this message to all you can and ignore any kind of verbal violence towards yourselves. Simply limit yourselves to Love without distinction. 

Those who judge you and that through free will want to get out of alignment will lose their power when those of you who are in alignment do not give any attention to this. These brothers who are aggressive, violent, bigoted, and dissatisfied, and who choose to remain in the old energies will have our love and care when we carry them to the quantum treatment chambers. Do not trouble yourselves or pay attention to them; just trust that the Supreme Source has a plan for everyone, and that no soul will be without a chance to return to the Light. As you know, there will not be any person who has violated God's laws that shall be exempt from their responsibilities. The same energies of the discord and disaffection that they generated - which are contrary to the natural law of love - will be the judges that will give the verdict. 

We are here to ensure that divine justice is done without leaving any gaps. Therefore ignore and do not give any attention to verbal violence even though it is still endemic in groups of Light-workers, since those who are responsible for managing such energies have received their verdict. 

I hope these truths resonate in your hearts beloved family, and as your brother I am telling you that you have my full attention to what you may require when you are in tune with us. I Myself personally offer my assistance to provide help to all who call me in the Love to the Master of Masters who walked amongst you, whom I constantly congratulate for the commitment and Love for this planet, and four you who form a large group which is able to renew the face of this beloved planet Shan, and that on the surface is representing all of us here in space. 

There is nothing more to say. Simply feel the Love that we are pouring out onto you now while you feel the vibrations in your physical bodies to testify that we are here at this time by your side. All of you who read or hear this message are invited by us to briefly close your eyes and feel the embrace we are giving you. 

I Love you with all my heart. And so it is. 


Your brother, Ashtar. 

(*) Indirect communication: It is understood in here that indirect communication is when the channeller simply plays psychophones as if it were a radio, what is happening inside the star ships, capturing the frequency of the communications between ships and commanders with the authorization of the commanders themselves. He/she stays there reproducing the information as if it were a simple radio transmitter. This is how I Gabriel understand that. If some friends from space tell me that is something else I will update here. I have recently experienced this phenomenon. I intend to offer here a part of it (audio and text) of the experience when my beloved manages to finish with the editions. 

Gabriel RL 

Channelled by Gabriel Raio Lunar 
Translated from Spanish into English by Maria Luz Shaumbra 


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