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The Earth in Quarantine – The last 26,000 years

DaNell author. Infographic by DaNell
                   Cobra Conference Nov. 2012
(am1112-conf) – Cobra – 8 million years ago, there was a conscious group of archangels that were very powerful. They were so curious that they wanted to try new things. One of them wondered what it would be like to be cut off from Source and see how it would feel. They wanted to experience the feeling of being something else such as a floor, a tree, an object.

They put themselves in a chamber. They created this technology, a dimensional chamber, of a strong electromagnetic force. They exposed themselves to magnetic fields to experience this feeling.

There was immediate regret at the feeling of being cut off from Source, but the archangel could not go back because he got trapped and couldn’t find his way out. He decided to elicit help from other archangels. He ended up trapping other angels and beings. When they realize what they had done to themselves, they couldn’t find a way out. This group eventually decided they wished to conquer the galaxy. They started invading planets and spreading darkness. This was the beginning of The Dark. There are 100 billion galaxies.

When the Light Forces found out about this, they immediately took action to prevent a rogue archangel takeover. Archangel Michael put up energy barrier fences/force fields around the areas affected by the rogue group of archangels to prevent the spreading of darkness. Other Light Beings started Galactic Forces to liberate planets under the Dark Forces. This was the beginning of The Galactic Light Forces.

This was the beginning of the Galactic Wars and many planets were destroyed. Starfleet started to fight for the planets being captured and taken over by the archangels. We have these memories in our consciousness. We have a memory of this in movies such as Star Wars, which is an actual story of millions of years ago.

The Galactic Central Sun is a stargate at the center of the galaxy. Souls are created there and expand to all directions. When certain beings became aware of Oneness they began a central Brotherhood of Light. Those who are ‘one’ created a central civilization and spread a message of oneness to all. Some civilizations evolved enough to form a Central Civilization in order to spread the Light.

The galaxy is a double spiral, like a vortex with about 100 billion stars, creating a galactic network of light which spread to other races, with a wish to liberate the galaxy from non-light or darkness. The Light Forces were always winning but there are billions upon billions of planets to protect and assist.

About 25 thousand years ago, the darkness had to concentrate themselves in one small area to avoid The Light Forces. Their headquarters ended up in our planetary area, in Orion Constellation and Earth. These planets and star systems became their main fortress. They took humanity hostage and they declared a quarantine status where no ships could land without pre-approval. This is the reason why The Ascended Masters retreated 25,000 years ago as well, and why no ET’s have come either.

Because of its diverse eco system. Earth was a highly valued piece of real estate. They took the population hostage with the threat of nuclear war if the Light Forces came in. The area was quarantined, so no other off world race was able to approach. Now that time has passed, it is time to lift the quarantine, remove the Darkness, and rejoin the Galactic Federation. We are completing an Atlantean cycle. (am-1112-conf)

25,000 years ago the Dark forces took the surface population hostage and a quarantine was used as a tool to prevent the progress of The Light and the Earth. Light Forces had to be very careful with any sort of contact. The Star Seeds on Earth have been in favor of intervention of off-worlders, but the dark forces threatened nuclear war to prevent this. Now a critical mass is wishing for first contact. Some have had contact but can’t remember it because it could put them in danger. At the time of The Event, we will have our memories return.

Part of the Galactic Codex ( is to follow the wishes of the people, so they wish to bring about the contact but need to know we will be safe. There are physical ships above the Conference site on a space platform about 9 miles above the building right now. We need to realize that our Star Brothers and Sisters have always been here.

There is a great deal of free world disinformation. We are all for intervention and for first contact to happen. In order for this to happen we need to recognize the following:

1) a critical mass must be reached and actually has

2) we have the divine right for this contact

3) it is part of the Galactic Codex.

The hesitation is that first contact can be dangerous for the surface population because it makes the cabal nervous and we must remain safe.

25,000 years ago, the vast majority of The Light Forces retreated underground and developed Cities of Light, connected by tunnels, trains, what is known as the Agarthan network. They maintained the balance of light on Earth, helping to stabilize it without interfering with the surface population. The surface populations were under enslavement that was too dangerous for the Agarthans to come to the surface. Various people found an entrance to the Agarthans – Mayans, Hopis, Anastazis , Incas, Templars, Aztecs, etc. Much of the Inca gold went underground as well as the Templar gold.

In 1975 a Lightworker who was an intelligence officer, hid in the NY subway, where homeless mole beings lived. They knew where secret entrances were and showed “Michael” underground tunnels of the NY subway system. A main operations headquarters was created hundreds of feet below NY. This Lightworker contacted and met with the Agarthan network and Andromedans for technology. Re-established a base, contacted the military and planned a military coup but later changed the mass arrests to a lawful and legal operation. Some of the military are still aware of this plan and its beginnings.

From 1975-1995, this was a time of active resistance operations. This movement brought the internet forward from the military and universities and connected it to a global communication network. Technology was brought to the Earth through computers, the internet, allowing military and people to be trained immediately.

In 1996 a strong invasion by the dark forces occurred. Reptilians went below and tried to destroy the underground movement. The Resistance requested help from Planet X. Planet X sent reinforcements. This planet orbits our sun beyond Pluto. Their civilization had lived underground in Planet X. An uprising by Planet X was possible because they were less brainwashed and they were in control until 1999. It took them only 3 weeks to liberate the planet. 70 million of them came to Earth via teleport and cleaned out reptilian bases. They have been in existence for over 500 million years

In 1996, 1999, and 2003, all military bases were cleared of reptilians. Dulce, Area 51, all black projects, all advanced and exotic technologies including scalar weaponry, UFO’s and clones were also cleared. Unfortunately, this progress cost the Resistance HUGE losses. After 2004-5, cloning factories were closed and no reptilians were left. There are at least 100 billion galaxies. Andromeda and 10-15 other planets were also cleared during this time.
Once The Event occurs, The Resistant Movement will be able to be more visible and will confirm Cobra’s work. 


The Plan has always been around and been carried out every second.
This is a portal, an energetic black hole caused by the space/time continuum anomaly. We are now to exit the black hole after 25,000 years of prison. This exit is the EVENT HORIZON. It is an expanding dot of light, taking place right now and we are entering the brilliant light.

The Plan is to manifest Paradise on Earth. We have gone through the stages. The matrix is inside the quarantine, and is a computer program with artificial intelligence. There is a way to hack the matrix, crack the computer code. A flash of light is the mission, the ignition, the merkaba, it is what we have been trained for when it comes. It will take place when each of us, as a shining light, flash together, and carry out our part of the Plan.
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
[pfc 0516-2] Lynn – What are humans and the planet Earth like before the anomaly or darkness came to Earth?
COBRA – It was a paradise planet and all legends of I would say many, many different tribes and ethnic groups around planet remember that time of a paradise. This existence was without much suffering without the conflict that we are experiencing in our current age. (beautiful, thank you) [pfc 0516-2]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ut0916] Patrick: Ok, Cobra now I want to switch topic to some Earth history. First one is, can you make a timeline sequence among Jurassic age, Atlantis, and the Stone age?

C: Ok, what you are calling Jurassic age was hundreds of millions of years ago it had nothing to do with Atlantis. The Atlantis as we know was started maybe one million years ago, and what most people are describing as Atlantis is only the last fraction of Atlantean history which is maybe 10 or 20 thousand years ago.

P: And the Stone age?

C: The Stone age actually started with the deluge of Atlantis about 12,000 years ago and ended about 5,000 years ago with another mass cataclysm. [ut0916] [ut0916] P: Ok. The next question is, what on Earth happened to Sodom and Gomorra?

C: It was a nuclear war long time ago.

P: Is it related to the fall of Atlantis?

C: It was later actually. [ut0916]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[rp0x16] Rob – OK. Thank you. Have either of you heard there was an ancient Pleiadian civilization in South America that was in a rain forest situation due to earth shifts no longer exists. But a long time ago there was a very deep underground, and still exists to this day, a technology that is stabilizing the planet. Have either of you heard of that deep underground Antarctica technology base from the Pleiadians.
Corey – Not from the Pleiadians you mentioned but. . .yeah, I’ve spoken in detail about a lot of this ancient type technology that’s been put in various parts of the earth, underground including Antarctica and some of it had been removed and it has caused problems with our tectonic plates and weather and other things and they had traded and given away that technology and it caused imbalance.

Rob – I’d like ah…clarity of Corey, do you know who put the technology there originally?

Corey – It’s unknown. Its extremely ancient. If I looked at the foot-notes of the report there was about 3 different populations that could have put it there.

Rob – Thank you. Cobra, do you have any information.

COBRA – Actually we need to go a little bit back into the history of Atlantis. Atlantis on planet Earth was pretty much a global civilization which was seeded or encouraged by different waves, waves of different cosmic races. There was a Pleiadian wave which has brought Atlantis to its heights about 200,000 years ago and there was colonization from the Sirius star system that created the peak of Atlantean civilization about 75,000 years ago. And each of those races have brought a lot of technology and a lot of spiritual understanding to Atlantis and each of those races that I have mentioned have created their own network of surface cities, of sub surface cities, of tunnel networks, of underground pyramids, of crystals, of stabilization technology for the tectonic plates. But unfortunately there was another faction that came from Orion which infiltrated those networks of Atlantis and misused the technology and misuse of that technology actually was responsible for the deluge of Atlantis for the last sinking of Atlantis which happend around 11,500 years ago. A lot of that old technology is still spread. Some of it is submerged on the bottom of the ocean. Some of it is a little bit underground. Some of it has been purposely destroyed or suppressed. But a lot of those machines and technologies and crystals are still remaining and some of the underground factions have discovered these old remnants and a lot of this will be coming to the main stream media at the time of the Event. [rp0x16]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(am-1112-conf) The quarantine was the artificial creation of the Archons, but this quarantine will be lifted and communications will open up at first contact. Our perspectives will change and expand greatly at this time.
We will experience the purifying of our personalities and enter the 5th dimension after The Event.

The Victory of The Light never happened on this planet but has on others. When it does happen, all galaxies will be liberated from darkness. This was predicted in ancient prophesies. It is now the time of the Victory of The Light. Suffering is not needed to define happiness. Light just is. There will be light without shadows when the veil is lifted.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Richard – Is it true that the life on earth was brought from our universe; insects, plants, animals??

COBRA – Yes, life was not born here.? Life came from beyond.


Rob – So we’re going to go right forward here with a bunch of questions. We’ll see how many we can get through here. Let’s start off with this. A young girl who follows us – she’s 14 years old – she wants to ask her question. Shout out for the youngsters. Who are the first sentient beings on earth?

COBRA – There were always sentient beings on earth because they were so called guardian beings that were responsible for creating life on this planet that were starting to evolve biological life from viruses, microbes and on and on and on. They were here billions of years ago.
Rob – OK. There’s your answer. Billions of years (beings) and multi-dimensional. As far as physical beings, that’s probably so far in antiquity that no one can know exactly. —ref rp0415

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Information taken from Cobra FAQ section: (in the process of being updated).

Monday, 29 May 2017


Since my last Cintamani update, the Cintamani grid on the surface of the planet was strengthened significantly.

Two pieces were strategically positioned on certain key points in Antarctica:

Many pieces are now being positioned on the ocean floors and in the caves worldwide.

Dedicated teams are positioning Cintamani stones in flower of life grid patterns in the most important key vortex points on the planet, such as Long Island:


And many others, especially in east Asia.

Since the first flower of life grids were completed in early 2017, east Asia has experienced a drastic increase of cloudship phenomenon:

Those cloudshps are cloaked motherships of the Galactic Confederation which create ATVOR pillars that descend down into the buried Cintamanis and purify the primary anomaly.

Cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools for manifesting the planetary Light grid. Whenever a Cintamani stone is planted in the soil somewhere around the planet, a huge angelic being is anchored in that spot, creating an energy vortex miles in diameter:

When the critical mass of those angelic beings are anchored around the planet, the head of the Yaldaboth entity begins to dissolve. An update about the status of the dissolution of the head of the Yaldabaoth entity will be possible after mid-June when certain operations of the Light forces will be completed.

Cintamanis are also being positioned into many dancefloors around the planet, facilitating the Contact experience with the positive ETs within the mainstream rave culture:

Your own personal cintamani is your own conduit of the energies of Compression Breakthrough when the Event happens.

Stones that are positioned into the soil worldwide are part of the planetary Cintamani grid that will be the planetary conduit for the energies of Compression Breakthrough when the Event happens.

I have been guided to prepare another batch of Cintamani stones. They are available here:

A limited quantity of Cintamani stones was put on StratoProbe 5, a nearspace vehicle which was launched by my team. StratoProbe 5 has reached a maximum altitude of about 21 miles (34 km) and the photos it took at that altitude clearly show the curvature of the Earth:

These Cintamani stones contain cosmic energies from beyond the Veil and they are available here:

Victory of the Light!

Source: Portal2012

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

25/5 Portal Meditation

Cobra :

“A very strong timeline runs through the date of May 25th. On May 25th, 1975 the whole 50 year process of the planetary liberation has started. On May 25th, 2010 a special portal called Mission Blue Shield was activated and it marked the beginning of the downfall of the Archons. And on May 25th, 2013, “[we opened an important Portal]


So I would like to please invite everybody to connect, first with pillars of Light coming down from the motherships of the Galactic Confederation stationed all around the Earth, through your body down to the center of the Earth.

And then visualizing the White Fire of AN:

spreading out throughout Planet Earth, and all around it all the way to the Moon, until only Light remains.

At 3pm GMT tomorrow 25th of May

and throughout these next few days if you feel guided.

Victory of the Light!

Friday, 19 May 2017


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To every Human Family present on Facebook, we present a proposal... The Campaign - FACE CLEAN!

Many of us are aware that we are Energy Transforming Energy, and THAT We ​​Think, Feel and Speak generates Energy / Vibration, where it qualifies as POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. 

This qualified energy in any of these polarities reaches the target to which it was launched, whether it is launched to only one person or the Collective, however, we also know that in this aspect the Universe sends us back all the energy that we generate, POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE , And more than that, all the energy we generate acts directly in the Planetary Energy Field and consequently in the Collective Conscious, that is, either we are Healing or Contaminating our own Reality.

As we have long SEEN, the virtual atmosphere is deeply contaminated and compromised by publications and commentaries of the most diverse orders and origins that profoundly violate all the principles of Respect and Human Dignity, and in this aspect we do not need to deepen much, since we already know which are all facets of how and when and at what level such actions are manifested. "

If we want to improve our quality of life on an individual and collective level, if we want to heal our Nation and all this Beloved Planet ... first we have to heal ourselves, because the external is only a reflection of the already existing in our interior .

If we want to plant a Garden outside, we must first have planted this Garden inside ...

We can not promote peace by making war!

And it is in this energy of Love and construction of a New Earth, a World of Peace, Love and Prosperity for All, we invite you to take this new step in proposing to Clean and Heal the energetic atmosphere of Facebook by the Campaign FACE CLEAN  🙂

🔵Proposal of the Campaign:

⭐ Do not publish offensive posts, misfortunes, shocking videos, diseases or any publication that promotes revolt, hatred or any other feeling of division ... publish only the Positive; make responsible and ethical approaches to any theme in a way that is truly productive and that seek to find the best solution for the collective within the principles of Love, and especially with the Awareness that all who today hurt the Planet and Society will be liable  for their Actions before Superior Consciences who have the proper authority for this process.

⭐ Send a Heart Figure in response to an uncomfortable comment or paste this banner below as an answer;

⭐Do not go into direct confrontation with comments with anyone under no circumstances, let each one follow their own personal beliefs, it is better to be in Peace than to be Right!

Want to change the World? 
Start for you ...

Be the Peace you want to see in the World!

If you share this same purpose, then MAKE VIRAL this Campaign - FACE CLEAN: 📡✨✨





There are great changes happening in our Solar System. A vast fleet comprised of many motherships of countless positive cosmic races has reached its final parking position on key resonance points within our Solar System to support the process of full Disclosure.

Some of those ships can be seen clearly on photos which were taken by our team this week with StratoProbe 5 about 17 km (57,000 feet) above the surface:

For the first time in 26,000 years, the Chimera group is lately starting to show signs of worry about the stability of the quarantine status for planet Earth.

This is why they are fortifying their defenses within the Air Force Space Command:

Disclosure process is an exponential curve, going slowly at first during the soft Disclosure phase we are experiencing now, but steadily accelerating until we reach the breakthrough at the moment of the Event into full Disclosure.

Many seemingly unrelated initiatives of the surface population are part of the same greater plan of the Light forces (Operation PrisonBreak) to penetrate the quarantine.

Many space program initiatives in the nearspace, in Earth orbit, on Moon and Mars are expected to experience their breakthrough in the next few years:

Mainstream media are slowly preparing for the announcement of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Although certain negative factions will try to spin this into partial Disclosure, they will not be successful and all mainstream media soft Disclosure announcements are really stepping stones towards full Disclosure and are part of the same Operation PrisonBreak:

Scientists are finally discovering the plasma web that spans across the Universe:

Which is perfectly described here:

Dipole Repeller, one of the biggest toroidal structures in the Universe is a sector in this Universe with the Local group of galaxies in its center and two lobes of opposite polarity laterally spaced in both directions. This is the cosmic purification station for the Primary Anomaly with planet Earth in its central null zone. Dipole Repeller is the cosmic dynamo that energizes the process of Compression Breakthrough:

Regarding the basic structure of the Universe, scientists are finally beginning to realize that dark energy does not exist:

At the same time, alternative community is finally beginning to realize that Schumann resonances are NOT increasing:

Schuman resonances are named after professor Schumann who was involved in early German secret space program and was later paperclipped into the United States. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity.

The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited. Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity, thunderstorms, use of scalar plasma weapons and HAARP and lately also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly.

There are other concepts in science and in alternative community that will begin to dissolve slowly as more Light and understanding comes in, among them being the second law of thermodynamics (closed systems do not exist), time travel into the past (it violates causality, at least on macroscopic level), and flat Earth (sunsets into the ocean on flat Earth would be impossible because of atmospheric absorption, as sunrays of the setting Sun would need to travel through thousands of miles of air).

Victory of the Light!