To all the Human Family present in the social networks, in which they are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc., we present ourselves a proposal... The Clean Social Networks Campaign! 

Many of us are aware that we are energy transforming energy, and everything we think, feel and speak generates energy/vibration, where it qualifies as POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.

This qualified energy in any of these polarities reaches the TARGET to which it was launched, whether it was thrown to a person or to the collective, however, we also know that in this aspect the universe sends us back all the energy we have launched, POSITIVE OR NEGATIVELY, And more than that, all the energy we generate acts directly in the planetary energy field and, consequently, in the Collective Consciousness, that is, either we are healing or contaminating our own REALITY.

As we have seen, the virtual atmosphere is deeply contaminated and compromised by publications and commentaries of the most diverse orders and origins that profoundly undermine all the principles of human respect and dignity, and in this regard we do not even need to delve deeply, as we already know the facets of How and when, and at what level such actions manifest themselves.

If we want to improve our quality of life on an individual and collective level and if we want to heal our Nation and all this beloved Planet ... First, we have to heal ourselves, the external is a reflection of the already exists in our Interior. If we want to Plant a garden inside, First we have to have it planted inside...

How can we promote Peace Through War?

It is in this energy of Love and construction a New Earth, a World of Peace and Prosperity, that we invite everyone to take this new step when we propose the cleansing and healing of the energetic atmosphere through the Social Networks Clean Campaign!


Be judgmental and do not publish or republish offensive posts, misfortunes, shocking videos, diseases or any content that promotes revolt, hatred or any other feeling of division ... Publish positive content; make responsible and ethical approaches to any issues in a way that is truly productive and that aim to seek the best solution for the collective within the principles of Love and, especially, with conscience, what all who today hurt the planet and society, one day will be held accountable for their actions before the Higher Consciences who have the proper authority for this process. 

Send a heart emoji (💓) in response to an uncomfortable comment or paste this banner that is below in response:

In your comments, do not come into direct confrontation with anyone at all Under no circumstances, let each one follow their own personal beliefs. It's better to be in peace than to be right!

Do you want to change the World?... Start for yourself ... and be the Peace you want to see in the World!
If you share this point of view, help turn the VIRAL Campaign Social Networks Clean!




Source: Amor e Luz Magnéticos

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