Thursday, 4 August 2016

August 2016 Energy Report

The word courage is from the French word ‘coeur’ which means heart. ‘Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the presence of heart. We don’t need to get rid of our fears to have courage, we need to have the courage (or heart)  to act in spite of our fears.’ If July brought up all of your fears, August inspires you to take action without feeling the need to wait until they go away. You may think you have to wait for the right moment or to be confident that you are ready but the only way to create movement is to take a step forward. The step doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be a step.We tend to use the word ‘love’ in the romantic sense but love is an energy first, and an emotion second.

Love is required to get our creative energy in motion and that means being open to receiving the energy required to manifest our dreams. Manifestation is both destructive and creative, where we destroy the old to allow something new to enter. It can occur with perfect rhythm and timing, like a revolving door where the energy that’s leaving is immediately replaced by what is entering. But we have to be in that love energy, and its frequency and vibration, and a big enough container to receive the higher frequencies. That’s why ‘shine on’ is our new mantra, because the brighter we shine, the more love energy we can attract and work with. Our creative energy originates from our heart space and yours may be bruised and bloodied after July’s challenging aspects (and everything we’ve been through for the past year or more) but the only way to heal those wounds is to dis-integrate the pain and integrate new energy. It may not be possible to fully step away from the things that create the pain, but we can stop being driven by our pain and choose a different way of relating to the energy in our life. We must see pain as one option among many others and choose the option that best serves us. One way to do this is to set very clear intentions for our lives which creates a container for the energy to flow into.

We’re dealing with very ‘creative’ energy this month and while that may manifest for you as a desire to take painting or jewelry making lessons, it has strong energetic roots. Our reality is an unfolding process of creative manifestation. Where we feel stuck is where we are no longer actively engaged with our creative energy. With all of the heavy Chiron, Saturn, and Neptune energy this month, as well as the Uranus/Eris conjunction and the ongoing echoes of the Pluto/Uranus square of 2012 to 2015, the desire to get out of our ruts may be strong.

Watch for a tendency to weed things out of your life in August, and that may happen somewhat ruthlessly. Are there any unwanted weeds choking out the plants you want to have room to bloom? Are they taking up too much space or using the energy which could be empowering your dreams?

This will be a month where we get to practice duality, being multi-dimensional in our human form so we can learn to function as both human and divine – one is not better or less than the other. Ascension is an integration, not a takeover. We do not destroy 3D so 5D can take over; we integrate higher dimensions into our 3D paradigms so they take on higher aspects. We see examples of that all around us today as people are more socially aware, less willing to tolerate injustice, separation, discrimination, and any form of disenfranchisement. These are examples of our movement into duality and that will be an ongoing theme through 2020.

We have some stellar astro aspects in August, starting with the New Moon on the 2nd which is also the date Mars moves out of Scorpio (finally) and into Sagittarius. The new moon features close connections to Neptune and Saturn, highlighting its ongoing square. Is there balance between our reality and our illusions? Is there something that has outlived its usefulness in our lives but we’re hanging on to it for our own reasons and are those reasons still valid? Are those reasons the truth for us or are they another illusion?

The upcoming US presidential election is an uneasy topic — who is going to be running and who will win? In light of all of the unsettled energy right now, it’s hard to tell and we will have to wait until we get closer to voting day to see who is left. Anything is possible right now, and the best we can do is hold our intention for the highest outcome for everyone and the situation. The light always wins in the end, that may be helpful to keep in mind now.

The full moon on August 18 is almost an eclipse and it’s at 25 degree of Aquarius which is a repeat of the last few months of full moons at this degree. It is also the degree of many of the larger planets now, so they’re all acting together now, supporting our transformation. It connects with the ongoing Uranus/Eris conjunction and since Uranus rules Aquarius, this full moon is extra potent.  We have seen the power of the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Brexit, the events around the US presidential election, protests in France, and other parts of the world where the ‘status quo’ has become the ‘status no’. We can expect more of this for the next few years as we seek to recalibrate a world that has tipped too far in the direction of the elite, the power mongers, and those who wish to rule, not lead.

And at that full moon we have Mercury and Jupiter connecting in Virgo, and connecting with Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron has been playing a big role in our ongoing healing cycles and has been prominent, since it has been in Pisces, for several years. This is assisting in our evolution as Chiron keeps poking our wounds, the places where we hurt, reminding us that as long as it hurts it isn’t healed yet. Those of you born between 1964 and 1968 are having your Chiron return, a rather unpleasant sort of midlife crisis where all of your choices, decisions, and consequences come up for review. It lasts about two years.

And on the 11th Mercury enters its shadow in preparation for its retrograde in September. It’s in Virgo, a sign that Mercury rules (although Chiron should rule Virgo), so this will be a potent one and the retro point is 29 Virgo, a powerful point. Including the before and after shadow period, Mercury retrograde lasts about 9 weeks. While some people tell you to avoid doing anything new during this period, that’s a long time to wait in today’s fast paced world. New things started in a Mercury retro generally have to be re-done in some way, and things get missed, details are overlooked, and delays do happen. Just add extra time for travel delays and if the communication is important, double check to ensure that it was received.

Later this month, on the 23rd, Mars will join Saturn and that could be a rather fiery day. When the planet of restriction (Saturn) meets the planet of action (Mars), the fur can fly. Saturn is also coming out of its retrograde, so it will be ready for action. You can expect events on the world stage to be rather volatile as we’re still in the heavy Uranus/Eris energy and the Saturn/Neptune square. If you’re wondering why I am adding so many astrological references, it’s because the planets are part of our energy system and they mirror what is happening with us. Venus also covers three signs this month, Leo, Virgo, and Libra. We get 3 different aspects of Venus energy this month too, which is rather unusual.  While it’s not comfortable in Virgo, it will conjunct both Jupiter and the Node in Virgo, which should be very pleasant energies. And as we close out this month we’re going to experience the energetic duality on the collective level that we are also going through in our own lives. It’s a mixed bag of easy and challenging, positive and negative, with some really tough energies thrown into the mix as well as some very free flowing energies that will lighten things up. This is where we have to learn to make the most of the positive energies and use them to help us overcome the challenges. A spiritual life is not free from challenges, it is free in every aspect, including in the face of challenges. And we’re winding up phase 1 of our new spiritual awakening cycle as we have the final days of Jupiter in Virgo this month and next month Jupiter heads into Libra for 12 months. What were you doing in September 1991 to October 1993 and September 2004 to October 2005 that may be coming up for review now?

If you’re ready to shine, August will be a welcome relief from the energies we have had so far this year. So let’s shine on, get back in the saddle, and have a fantastic month.

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